Good info for our Independent Film Makers!

Dale Ward

I believe you can make a feature film these days for $0 and I aim to prove it. Sound like fun and something you want to do, too? Well, you can. Will it look like the latest blockbusting action flick coming out at the megaplex and starring the hottest A-stars in Hollywood? No. Can it look as good as the “small” films that win BIG awards? You betcha. I refuse to believe that a quality film must cost a million dollars, a half a million dollars, a quarter million, or even 100 thousand. Why? Because I’ve seen it done. And I’ve done it. And I’m going to do it again. And so can you. Will you have to beg, borrow, and steal? Yes! (Well, not steal, but that’s up to you…but for sure you’ll have to beg and borrow…) You can do it starting today. Right now. Just keep “zero…

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