This is great info especially since we are currently working on a Christian-based film.

Dale Ward

Every spring in Austin, TX, following on the heels of The SXSW Film Festival is The Attic Film Festival (TAFF) ( Like SXSW, TAFF showcases some the best films from around the world. Unlike SXSW, TAFF focuses on faith-based Christian films, and also includes a Ministry Fair that highlights various ministries with opportunities for festivalgoers to support in helping make a global impact. Now in its fifth year, film festival director Dr. Jamee Kennedy spoke in an interview about TAFF’s humble beginnings in the youth room at Grace Covenant Church – which was the attic of one of the buildings on campus. That first year’s Best Film recipient was Binding Faith. “Binding Faith had such a powerful impact on those that attended the fest, it was apparent that we had something that was glorifying to God. The brain cells started turning over and we decided we’d try again but this…

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